Program of the 2nd annual Conference by Women in Philosophy

Location: Doelenzaal, University Library, UvA, Singel 425, Amsterdam

14:15   Welcome

14:30   “Ecstatic Exposure and Inappropriate Practices
14:30   Martina Fritschy (Zürich University of the Arts)
14:30   Respondent: Kurt Borg

15:15   “How We Believe
15:15   Martina Orlandi (McGill University)
15:15   Respondent: Wout Bisschop

15:55   Short break

16:05   Interview and discussion with Sally Haslanger about women in
16:05   philosophy

16:50   Coffee break

17:10   “The Cruelty of Genocide Denial: Why Institutional Denial of Historical 17:10   Genocide Violates the Dignity of Descendants of Genocide Victims
17:10   Melanie Altanian (Bern University)
17:10   Respondent: Sophie van Baalen

17:55   “Literature and Truth: the Problem With the Philosopher’s Paradigm of 17:55   Truth
17:55   Leen Verheyen (University of Antwerp)
17:55   Respondent: Elisabeth Kraaijeveld

18:35   End of conference: snacks and drinks


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