Program CWIP ’15

We would like to extend our thanks to the UvA Faculty of Humanities
and the Society for Women in Philosophy in the Netherlands and Belgium,
SWIP.NL. It is with their financial support that this year’s conference has been
made possible.

This year’s program consists of four talks on various topics within philosophy.
We have asked respondents for each talk. Finally, we are happy and proud that
Sally Haslanger will be joining us for a conversation about the position of
minorities in philosophy.

We wish you a great day!
Allega Reinalda, Azille Coetzee, Jojanneke Vanderveen, Marie van Loon


Martina Fritschy (Zürich University of the Arts)
“Ecstatic Exposure and Inappropriate Practices”
Respondent: Kurt Borg

Martina Orlandi (McGill University)
“How We Believe”
Respondent: Wout Bisschop

15:55 short break

Interview and discussion with Sally Haslanger
about women in philosophy

16:50 coffee break

Melanie Altanian (Bern University)
“The Cruelty of Genocide Denial: Why Institutional Denial of Historical
Genocide Violates the Dignity of Descendants of Genocide Victims”
Respondent: Sophie van Baalen

Leen Verheyen (University of Antwerp)
“Literature and Truth: the Problem With the Philosopher’s Paradigm of
Respondent: Elisabeth Kraaijeveld

18:35 end of conference: snacks and drinks

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