Program of the 3rd annual Conference by Women in Philosophy

N.B.: This is the program of the 2016 conference.

Location: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1105, Amsterdam

10:30                    Room open

10:45                    Welcome

11.00 – 11.45:     Session 1 (parallel sessions)

  1. “Solving Frege’s Puzzle: On why the solution is relational”
    Beatriz Santos
    Respondent: Andries De Jong
  2. “Formal membership in liberal democracies: precarious citizenship”
    Denise Vargiu
    Respondent: Luara Ferracioli
  3. “A Paradox for Epistemological Disjunctivism”
    Giada Fratantonio
    Respondent: Max van den Broek 
  4. “Functions as Essences: An Aristotelian Analysis of Aesthetic Artefacts”
    Hannah Laurens
    Respondent: Marije Martijn
  5. “Beautiful bodies and shapeless emotions: Rereading Hannah Arendt’s Critique of Introspection”
    Liesbeth Schoonheim
    Respondent: Annemie Halsema

11.45 – 12.30:     Session 2 (parallel sessions)

  1. “Democracy and Locality: Citizenship with and without borders”
    Camille Pascal
    Respondent: Phil Robichaud
  2. “Pornography, Speech Acts, and Silencing”
    Laura Caponetto
    Respondent: Tasneem Alsayyed
  3. “Question-Begging in the Argument from Ignorance”
    Maeve MacPherson
    Respondent: Rik Peels
  4. “The Kantian Capacity for Moral Self-Control: Abstraction at Two Levels”
    Marijana Vujosevic
    Respondent: Melina Mendoza
  5. “What are Ontological Categories?”
    Siobhan Moriarty
    Respondent: Wout Bisschop

12:30 – 13:15:     Lunch

13:15 – 13:40:     Workshop ‘How to write a good abstract?’

13:45 – 14:10:     Workshop ‘How to get your paper published?’
By dr. Federica Russo (journal editor, UvA)

14.15 – 15.00:     Session 3 (parallel sessions)

  1. “The concept of lumen naturale in Descartes”
    Claudia Matteini
    Respondent: Olga Lizzini
  2. “On Sally Haslanger’s Conception of Race”
    Nevim Borçin
    Respondent: Aleida Luján
  3. “Vulnerability and Solidarity”
    Patricia Cipollitti
    Respondent: Jojanneke Vanderveen
  4. “A Liberatory Erotic: Black Feminism and the Political Power of Pleasure”
    Sophia Pavlos
    Respondent: Liesbeth Schoonheim
  5. “Against radical incommensurability. A defence of Davidson’s very idea of critique of conceptual schemes”
    Yuliya Fadeeva
    Respondent: Daan Dronkers

15.00 – 15.45:     Session 4 (parallel sessions)

  1. “Dialectics and conversion in Wittgenstein’s later work: why it is good to change your mind”
    Magali Nicole
    Respondent: Kyrke Otto
  2. “The Intrinsic Value of the Humanities”
    Noortje Delissen
    Respondent: Joanne Bosch
  3. “Iris Murdoch’s Radical Moral Perception”
    Silvia Panizza
    Respondent: John Baldari
  4. “What We (Should) Talk About When We Talk about Fruitfulness”
    Silvia Ivani
    Respondent: Melissa Vergara Fernández
  5. “”In Defiance of Nature”. Anne Fausto-Sterling and the Five Sexes”
    Valentina Bortolami
    Respondent: Lucie Dalibert

15:45 – 16:00:     Break

16:00 – 16:45:     Plenary discussion ‘Women in philosophy’
With dr. Marije Martijn (VU) and dr. Annemie Halsema (VU)

Borrel: drinks & snacks


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