Program of the 4th Annual Conference by Women in Philosophy

Location: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1105, Amsterdam. 4th floor of the main building (take the lift on the left of the main entrance).

10:15                  Room Open

10:30                  Welcome

10:45-11:30       Parallel sessions 1

(Sessions with the same number will be held in the same room)

  1. “The circle of love: the reasons for love and their sources”
    Lotte Spreeuwenberg
    Respondent: Eva Popp
  2. “Stupidity and Responsibility: Mutually exclusive or possibly compatible?”
    Sanne Groothuis 

    Respondent: Miranda Nell
  3. “Simmons on Fair Play: A Critique”
    Kate Fisk
    Respondent: Federico Lafaire

  4. “Sexual Consent – It’s all about having a Sufficient Procedure”
    Nicky van Dijk
    Respondent: Annemie Halsema

11.35 – 12.20     Parallel sessions 2

  1. “Phenomenally Conscious: Intuitions, Explanations & the Mind/Body Debate”
    Rhona Flynn  
    Respondent: Sofia Bokros
  2. “Duties to Oneself and Moral Accountability”
    Yuliya Kanygina

    Respondent: Lisbeth Jorgensen
  3. “The Voluntary Work, the other “shadow work” and its contrasting values”
    Camille Allard    
    Respondent: Amanda Cawston
  4. “Against Dretske’s Rejection of Closure Under Known Entailment”
    Maeve MacPherson
    Respondent: Andries de Jong

12.20 – 13.15      Lunch

13.15 – 13.45      Workshop “How to get your paper published?”
By prof. dr. Yolande Jansen (University of Amsterdam)

13.45 – 14.30      Keynote lecture by Xhercis Méndez (Michigan State University)

Xhercis Méndez is an Assistant Professor in Philosophy and African American and African Studies. She received her doctorate from the Philosophy, Interpretation and Culture Program at Binghamton University, along with certificates in Feminist Theory and Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies.  As a scholar-activist her research departs from engaged philosophy that centers those bodies systematically devalued, marginalized and targeted for demise.  Her work brings together Women of Color and Decolonial Feminisms, Sexuality Studies, and Afro-Latinx/diasporic Religion and Philosophies in order to develop decolonial feminist methodologies, ingredients and tools for the (re)making of social relations, histories, intimacies, normative value systems, and resistant possibilities.

14.30 – 14.45      Coffee break

14.45 – 15.30      Parallel sessions 3

  1. “The objectionableness of unequally burden-some duties: why egalitarians should support paid menstrual leave”
    Alex Pepper
    Respondent: Beatrijs Haverkamp
  2. “Brainwashed. The implications of relational autonomy for the role of memory in self-conception”
    Natascha Rietdijk
    Respondent: Kathryn MacKay
  3. “Bad attitudes: Why the psychological implicit/explicit distinction is inconsequential to moral accountability”
    Harriet Fagerberg
    Respondent: Phil Robichaud
  4. “Who should be entitled to stay?”
    Sarah Akgül
    Respondent: Kiki Kolman
  5. “Why objectivity in science requires agonistic pluralism”
    Zoé Evrard
    Respondent: David Ludwig

15.35 – 16.20      Parallel sessions 4

  1. “Is Surrogacy Like Prostitution?”
    Maria Jose Pietrini-Sanchez
    Respondent: Zuzanna Rucinska

  2. “Why are we who we are? Importance in practical identities”
    Pilar Lopez-Cantero
    Respondent: Melina Mendoza
  3. “Pleasure and Pain as Desire: A Definitive Defence of the Motivational Account”
    Lizzy Ventham
    Respondent: Tamarinde Haven

  4. “Between Integration and Accomodation: Religious Identity in Democratic Societies”
    Sanne Hupkes
    Respondent: Anne Vroom

16.20 – 16.35      Coffee break

16.35 – 17.05      Workshop “How to write a good abstract?”

17.05 – 17.10      Plenary closure

17.10 – ….           “Borrel” (Drinks & Snacks)


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