Call for Registration

We would like to invite all to the fifth annual Conference by Women in Philosophy in Amsterdam, July 5th & 6th at the VU University Amsterdam.

The goal of the conference is to provide a platform for undergraduate and graduate women philosophers to present their work to their peers. In this way we hope to create an opportunity for young women philosophers to inspire and motivate one another and to forge potentially productive alliances. We are very lucky to have a great number of women philosophers present papers on a wide variety of topics.

One of the goals of the conference is to help each other develop as philosophers. For this reason, we find it valuable that all speakers get a prepared response to their work. Because of the variety of topics, we are looking for respondents with different philosophical backgrounds. (Men are also eligible.)

The program of the conference, where all the talks are listed, can be found here.

Anyone interested in providing comments can send an e-mail to Please mention which paper(s) you are interested in (and whether you would like to receive the abstract(s) first).

Workshop Thursday 5 July
Next to paper presentations, the program features a workshop session on Thursday on ‘How to grow in your academic career’. The workshop will cover academic CV writing and grant applications and is given by prof. Dutilh Novaes. Prof. Dutilh Novaes is a talented researcher in history and philosophy of logic and mathematics, but she also does excellent work in philosophy of cognitive science, social epistemology, and societal issues relating to gender and race.

Keynote speaker Friday 6 July
On Friday we are honored to welcome dr. Francesca Minerva as keynote speaker. Dr. Minerva’s research focuses on applied philosophy, especially bioethics. In addition to her current research project entitled Lookism: the Invisible Discrimination, she worked on topics such as conscientious objection in medicine, academic freedom, abortion, human enhancement, and cryonics. In her talk, she will elaborate on both Lookism and on what it is like to be publicly scrutinized for your academic work.

To register, please fill in this registration form. The conference fee is 10 euros, with lunch, drinks and snacks included. The conference fee is 10 euros and must be transferred to NL20 TRIO 0197 8153 67 (IBAN) / TRIONL2U (BIC), in the name of SWIP-NL. Please pay by 27 June to conclude your registration. Clearly state your name in your transfer.

The Conference by Women in Philosophy is funded by SWIP.NL, CLUE+, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, University of Groningen and OZSW.

We look forward to welcoming you on 5 & 6 July!


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