Keynote by prof. dr. Heather Widdows

We are honored to welcome professor Heather Widdows as our keynote speaker who will give a keynote on ‘Understanding the rising demands of beauty‘.

The talk is taken from Widdows’ book Perfect Me: Beauty as an Ethical Ideal (published in May 2018). In the talk she will describe the emerging beauty ideal and why it is an ethical ideal. She will argue it is the first global beauty ideal and that this is significant. Only a global ideal can be ethical and dominant such that it can demand more across demographics, normalise and naturalise. Yet despite the rising demands the rhetoric around beauty continues to be that of choice, even though practices are required. Prof. dr. Heather Widdows will explore how we understand the requirement to do beauty, how we increasingly feel like failures as it becomes harder to make the grade, and the dominance of the choice narrative. She will argue that traditional responses, for instance that individuals should simply resist, are no longer effective or ethical.

Prof. dr. Heather Widdows is a leading international researcher across applied ethics. In 2005 she was awarded a visiting fellowship at Harvard University, where she worked on issues of moral neo-colonialism. While her current research explores the moral philosophy of beauty, she has led a number of funded projects before on issues of property in the body; reproductive rights; human tissue; war on terror; and ownership and governance of the genome.

De deadline for registration for CWIP 2019 is June 10. You can find our call for registration here.

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