CWIP 2020 is looking for new organizing members!

The organizing committee of the 7th annual Conference by Women in Philosophy is looking for new members!

The Conference by Women in Philosophy provides a platform for early-stage women philosophers and helps them gain experience and build a professional network. It’s a great way to meet fellow women philosophers from all over the world in an inclusive and empowering atmosphere.

The committee consists of PhD students from the Netherlands and Belgium (Groningen, Amsterdam, Tilburg and Antwerp). As a member, you will learn the ins and outs of organizing a conference, gain valuable experience with reading and judging academic abstracts, and build a network. Above all, it is a rewarding experience!

The next edition of the conference will take place in late June 2020 in one of the cities mentioned above. Committee members will help select abstracts and take on a set of organizational tasks, like funds and finances, taking care of PR-products, bags, posters, name tags etc. We’ll meet once or twice per month, as needed (mostly on Skype, but we will meet a few times in person). We’re planning to have the first meeting in early December during which we will divide up the tasks and get the ball rolling.

If you’re interested, send a message to

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