About us

We are a group of graduate students and PhD researchers from Amsterdam, Antwerp, Groningen and Tilburg, who are committed to creating a more balanced environment and to empowering (those identifying as) women to make the academic space their own. This year’s conference is the sixth Conference by Women in Philosophy, with the first five events having taken place in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. We are: Silvia Ivani (UvT), Georgina Mills (Uvt), Sanne Hupkes (RuG), Kritika Maheshwari (RuG), Linda Holland (VU), Amber de Kock (UA), Martha Claeys (UA), Magdalini Koukou (UA) and Lotte Spreeuwenberg (UA).

The Conference by Women in Philosophy is financially supported by SWIP.NL, OZSW, RuG, CLUE+, UAntwerpen, VU Amsterdam and Tilburg University.

Contact: womeninphilosophyconference@gmail.com

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