About CWIP

Women, non-binary and queer people have historically been underrepresented in academic philosophy. We want to change that. With the Conference by Women in Philosophy (CWIP), we wish to carve out a space for underrepresented groups within the discipline and create an annual opportunity for junior philosophers to get together, share their work with each other and cultivate their professional networks.

Our Mission

The goal of the CWIP is to open up a platform for undergraduate and graduate philosophers, who identify as women, non-binary or queer, to present their research to an audience of peers and receive constructive feedback. We hope that the CWIP serves as a template for similar initiatives in academia where junior academics from underrepresented groups can come together to discuss new ideas and forge valuable relationships.

Our History

The first edition of the CWIP took place in 2013 and it was initiated by a group of PhD students from the Netherlands and Belgium. Since then the conference has been organised yearly, by a different group of PhD researchers each year.

The goal of CWIP’s first editions was to provide a platform for junior female academics to present their research, receive constructive feedback and network in a safe and supporting environment. In the course of time, we realized that this is not enough, as the problem of underrepresentation in academia touches many other groups. Instead of creating further divisions within the academic community, we wish to open the platform that we created to other underrepresented groups. At the moment, we explicitly encourage those identifying as women, non-binary and queer to participate in our conference. Putting a spotlight on gender identity is only a starting point for us for creating an even more inclusive and intersectional environment in the future.

We believe that enhancing diversity and inclusivity within the philosophical community is extremely important, and something that we can only achieve together. This is why we would love to hear about your ideas for improving this conference and the way we communicate. You can share your suggestions with us using this form

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