We are a group of PhD researchers from Antwerp, Utrecht, Vienna, Ghent and Vilnius who are committed to creating a more balanced environment and to empowering those identifying as women, non-binary and queer to make the academic space their own.

Tamara van den Berg

I (she/her) am a 2nd year PhD-researcher at KU Leuven (RIPPLE), living in Amsterdam.

As a part of the research project Justice&Migration, I critically analyze questions of admission and integration, focusing at justice for postcolonial migrants specifically.

Dilara Boga

I (she/her) am a second-year PhD student in Philosophy at the Central European University (Vienna). 

My research interests are about the philosophy of Artificial Intelligence (AI), moral agency, evolution, and social emotions. I believe clarification of what is fundamental to human agency is crucial for greater understanding of ontological and moral status of AIs. In my dissertation, I want to support the claim that we need AIs who can have social emotions otherwise it looks unlikely that they will be accepted as proper moral agents.

In my free time, I love drawing and writing short stories.

Barbara Bziuk

I (she/her or they/them) am a first-year PhD student at the Ethics Institute of Utrecht University.

Within the ERC project “The Business Corporation as a Political Actor“, I work on a theory of social justice for corporations, investigating questions related to corporate duties of fair income distribution and taxation, among others.

In my philosophy-free time, I love playing board games, reading novels and cooking.

Irem Güven

I am a first year PhD student at the Center for Ethics of Pardubice University.

My research project focuses on environmental ethics, and more particularly on providing a critique of anthropocentrism by referring to the problems of situatedness and embodiment in phenomenology and post-structuralist philosophy. 

I am an avid listener of music from all around the world, and I also love learning different dancing skills.

Magdalini Koukou

I (she/her or they/them) am a third-year PhD student at the Centre for Philosophical Psychology at the University of Antwerp. 

In my research, I work towards an empirically-informed, representational account of pain. Within this framework, I aim to explain the negative affect which is characteristic of pain, as well as to identify and describe cases of non veridical pain.

In my free time, I like to play fetch with my cat or travel for concerts.

Katelijne Malomgré

I (she/her or they/them) am a second-year PhD student at the Centre for Ethics at the University of Antwerp. 

My research draws on conceptual ethics and intersectional feminist theory, and focuses specifically on the issue of discussing social injustice while avoiding the reproduction of this injustice in linguistic practice. 

I am a fulltime music addict and lead a not so secret double life as a singer, occasional choir conductor and hesitant multi-instrumentalist.

Lisanne Meinen

I (she/her) am a first-year PhD student at the Centre for Ethics at the University of Antwerp.

My research is about video games and psychiatric diagnoses. I focus on the cases of autism, depression, and psychosis, and use methodologies from disability studies and empirical philosophy to find out if and how video games as an art form can provide more insight into the dynamic experience of having a psychiatric condition. 

I have a background in literary studies so in my free time, when I am not playing video games, I am probably reading a novel. I am also passionate about green politics and have developed an interest in building a sustainable wardrobe (I recently taught myself how to knit!).

Emma Moormann

I (she/her) am a second-year PhD student working at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Antwerp.

My research is part of the ERC-project NeuroEpigenEthics, which aims to investigate how dynamic concepts of human biology influence the ascription of responsibility. In my own project I investigate the possibility of a fair distribution of responsibilities for (epigenetic) health among various individual and collective agents.

In my spare time, I like to take a break from the rather sedentary life of an academic by participating in activism, mountainbiking and kickboxing.

Karolina Rybačiauskaitė

I am a third year PhD student at the Philosophy Institute of Vilnius University.

My research focuses on the instability of knowledge-making and what it means to take care of the complex patterns it creates. More specifically, I try to extend the meeting points between the speculative account of the ecology of practices introduced by Isabelle Stengers, and the current curatorial attempts to transform contemporary art practices. 

Besides going to exhibitions, I am passionate about learning new languages.

Sigrid Wallaert

I am a first-year PhD student at the Department of Philosophy and Moral Sciences of Ghent University.
My project revolves around the concept of women’s anger, and asks the question: in which ways can this specific type of anger have productive value? Using the theory of epistemic injustice as a guide, I am examining the epistemic value of women’s anger, its non-retributive qualities, and its potential as a moral emotion. 

When I’m not buried underneath a pile of philosophy books, I’m most likely reading a novel with my cat and a cup of tea by my side.

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